Our Careteam

Front Desk Supervisor
Maggie has spent time around animals all her life, from cows, pigs, and horses to dogs and cats. She considers the earth’s creatures a true gift, and it’s an honor for her to help keep them healthy. That’s why she joined the veterinary profession! Maggie is a proud member of the hospital’s front-desk team.

Maggie grew up in southern Wisconsin and worked in the banking industry for 15 years before deciding to make a change. She wanted to get back to something she’d always loved: caring for animals. When the opportunity arose for her to join the All Paws Animal Hospital team, she jumped at the chance! Maggie joined the clinic family in November of 2020, and her favorite part of every shift is getting to meet new pet owners and their adorable companions.

In her time away from work, Maggie enjoys being in the great outdoors, camping, horseback riding, and exercising. She’s recently picked up running again, and has completed several 5Ks and even a few marathons! Maggie also loves to spend quality time with her family. She and her husband, Jesse, have three wonderful children: Kristen, Alyssa, and Jake. The family shares their home with a pair of loveable dogs: Mick, a Jack Russell who loves to chase squirrels, and a quirky French Bulldog named Finney.
Veterinary Technician/ Nurse
When Kasey was four years old, her parents divorced. To ease the transition, her mom gave her a tortoiseshell cat, whom she named Lucy. Over the years, the two were inseparable, and Kasey got to experience firsthand the unconditional love and support of an animal companion. This sparked an interest in veterinary medicine. While Lucy has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Kasey still holds a special place in her heart for her first fur-baby and the inspiration for her career choice.

Kasey attended undergrad at UW-Eau Claire with a biology major on the pre-veterinary medicine track. Although most of her classes did not relate to veterinary medicine, she knew this was where she wanted to go. She has always been drawn to science and medicine, so what better thing to do than to combine those interests with her passion for animals? Prior to joining All Paws, Kasey was working at a dog boarding and daycare facility. As a veterinary technician, she is thrilled to be one step closer to her goal of becoming a veterinarian.

Outside of the clinic, Kasey resides with her best friend, Jenna, and her cat, Piper. Piper - a.k.a. Pipes, Little Bean, and Miss Muffin – has a huge personality and loves to “talk.” In her spare time, Kasey’s favorite place to be is on the water, whether it’s boating, fishing, swimming or just listening to the waves as they crash against the shore.
Veterinary Assistant
Growing up in Red Wing, Minnesota, Leigh’s interests have always centered on animals. She spent most weekends watching her dad dirt track race with the family dog, and developed a deep desire to become an advocate for those who don’t have voices of their own. As a nurse here at All Paws Animal Hospital, Leigh enjoys helping clients understand how to care for their pets in the best possible way.

Leigh’s journey began as a kennel technician at a vet clinic in Texas. There she gained valuable hands-on experience with boarding, grooming, and assisting with hospitalized patients. In short order, Leigh was promoted to full time technician. After moving back to the Midwest and trying out several jobs in various other industries, Leigh felt the pull to return to her passion: veterinary care. She joined the All Paws team and the rest is history. Her professional interests include diagnostic work, surgical prep, and hospital care.

Outside the clinic, Leigh has several animals of her own, including a house full of dogs and a variety of horses. Her canine companions include Murphy, a chocolate lab mix who is aging gracefully; Forrest, a black lab mix who has an impressive body wiggle; Boone, an American bulldog mix who prefers his blankie fresh out of the drier; and a cane Corso named Tyson, whose world revolves around Leigh. Her horses include Gunner, Bo, Cody and Tallahassee (a.k.a. Tally). The three boys love going trail riding and have the funniest personalities, though they do have the propensity to steal. The newest addition, Tally, is making great progress as an unhandled yearling.

When she’s not busy serving patients at All Paws, or tending to her own private zoo, Leigh enjoys trail riding and spending time with family. Her favorite hobby is photography.
Veterinary Assistant/ Receptionist
Raised in Mondovi, WI on an elk ranch, Sheena can’t recall a time when she wasn’t surrounded by animals. Her family had everything from dogs and cats to chickens and ducks, and Sheena could almost always be found riding her horse, Mandy. When one of the elk on the ranch suffered a medical emergency, Sheena sat in awe as she watched the vet perform life-saving surgery. It was at that very moment she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life: work with animals!

Sheena joined the All Paws Animal Hospital team in August of 2021 as a Veterinary Assistant. Professionally, she is fascinated by diagnostic testing and finds tremendous fulfillment in being able to help animals enjoy a better quality of life. Most of all, she loves the daily interaction with patients and being able to build bonds with them in the process.

Outside of the clinic, Sheena shares her life with her husband Les and their 3 amazing boys - Jack, Asher and Liam. Their canine kids include 3 dogs: Cali, a sweet Boxer who was rescued from an abusive home; Harley, their golden retriever who adores the boys and is always up for giving kisses; and Remy, a German shepherd who always wants to play! They also have 3 cats: a bossy girl named Raia, her talkative daughter Briony, and Ghost, who loves to zoom around the house, "bark" and get belly rubs like a dog. The family also has 3 wonderful horses that they love spending time with and riding.

Besides veterinary care, Sheena plays drums and sings with her brother in a band called Rockabilly Riot. They play 50's-60's rock and roll music.