Our Careteam

Front Desk Supervisor
Maggie has spent time around animals all her life, from cows, pigs, and horses to dogs and cats. She considers the earth’s creatures a true gift, and it’s an honor for her to help keep them healthy. That’s why she joined the veterinary profession! Maggie is a proud member of the hospital’s front-desk team.

Maggie grew up in southern Wisconsin and worked in the banking industry for 15 years before deciding to make a change. She wanted to get back to something she’d always loved: caring for animals. When the opportunity arose for her to join the All Paws Animal Hospital team, she jumped at the chance! Maggie joined the clinic family in November of 2020, and her favorite part of every shift is getting to meet new pet owners and their adorable companions.

In her time away from work, Maggie enjoys being in the great outdoors, camping, horseback riding, and exercising. She’s recently picked up running again, and has completed several 5Ks and even a few marathons! Maggie also loves to spend quality time with her family. She and her husband, Jesse, have three wonderful children: Kristen, Alyssa, and Jake. The family shares their home with a pair of loveable dogs: Mick, a Jack Russell who loves to chase squirrels, and a quirky French Bulldog named Finney.
Medical Services Coordinator
Brittany was born to care for others—ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to help improve the lives of all the people and animals that she possibly could. She constantly brought home stray or injured pets as a child, and the medical side of animal care started to fascinate her as she got older. For Brittany, putting her passion to good use as a veterinary professional simply made sense!

Brittany is from Durand, Wisconsin and attended Veterinary Technician school several years ago, but explored other career fields for a time after graduating. Prior to joining the All Paws Animal Hospital family, she worked as a special education paraprofessional at Durand High School. In the summer of 2020, Brittany decided to make a change and explore what she had always been passionate about: animal care. It wasn’t long before she joined the All Paws Animal Hospital team as the clinic's Medical Services Coordinator.

Around the hospital, Brittany enjoys assisting hands-on in the exam rooms and working in the laboratory. Most of all, she loves greeting pet owners and their adorable companions—it always makes her day to see a happy face and a wagging tail coming through the clinic doors.

Outside of work, Brittany enjoys spending time in nature, painting (she can get lost for hours with a paintbrush!), and spending time with her four children and the family pets. At home, she has two canine companions: Cookie Monster, a Great Dane whose favorite pastimes include eating and lounging; and a Goldendoodle named Ursa May who will play fetch until she can’t run any more.
Veterinary Assistant
Leigh has been helping animals to live happier, healthier lives for as long as she can remember. She’s always wanted to do everything in her power to serve as an advocate for the earth’s creatures—when the opportunity arose for her to join the world of veterinary medicine, she jumped at her chance! Leigh is now a proud member of All Paws Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team.

Originally from Red Wing, Minnesota, Leigh started her animal-care journey in southern Texas as a Boarding Technician. A few months later, her superiors asked her to become a Veterinary Assistant after seeing Leigh’s knack for animal care firsthand. After moving back to the northern part of the country, she worked in other fields for a few years before deciding to get back to what she truly loved: caring for animals as a part of the veterinary field. That’s when Leigh signed on here at All Paws Animal Hospital!

Around the clinic, Leigh enjoys helping with medical procedures and seeing a case through from start to finish. Her favorite part of her work, though, is the relationships she’s able to build with the area’s pet owners and their adorable companions.

Much of Leigh’s free time away from work is also spent with animals, as she continues to stay active in rescue work. She’s also fond of completing DIY home-improvement projects. Leigh and her fiancé live with six dogs (four of whom are rescues), a few cats, and a pair of horses.
Veterinary Assistant
Kymber always knew that she wanted to be a part of the veterinary field. For her, other career paths just didn’t make sense! She gets to live her dream every day as a Veterinary Assistant, and she couldn’t be happier to serve the pets and animal parents of the area as a part of the All Paws Animal Hospital team.

Kymber is originally from Phoenix, Arizona and started studying veterinary technology right after high school at Long Technical College. After graduating with her Assistant’s degree, she found a job through her school and has been a veterinary professional ever since. In total, Kymber has been a part of the veterinary field for 17 rewarding years!

When Kymber and her husband moved to Wisconsin, she came across an opportunity here at All Paws Animal Hospital and submitted her resume. The rest is history! As an Assistant, she particularly likes seeing a puppy or kitten grow up over time and being able to help out along the way. She’s also passionate about dentistry and abdominal surgeries.

Much of Kymber’s free time away from the hospital is spent tending to her 10-acre property and doting on her own pets at home. She and her husband, Michael, have two dogs: Lacey, an Australian Shepherd who loves to explore the great outdoors, and a quirky Boston Terrier named Roxie who is constantly making her parents laugh.