Cute Ways To Pamper A Hamster

May 10th is a celebration of some of our tiniest and most adorable patients: it’s Hamster Day! Hammie may be small, but he’s been a beloved ‘starter’ pet for a very long time. A special (and safe) treat is definitely in order, but there are also other ways to celebrate. An Eau Claire, WI vet lists some adorable ways to spoil little Hammy below. 




Toys actually aren’t an extra: they’re actually very important to Hammie’s health and well-being. Provide your pint-sized buddy with lots of chewable toys. You can make many of them out of things like cardboard or paper towels. Look online for ideas and instructions. 




Hamsters are quite curious, and they love to explore things. Get your miniature furball a runabout wheel. Just put safety first. Only let Hammie use his ball in safe areas, ones that don’t have slopes, stairs, pools, fireplaces, or other pets. Also, don’t leave him in it too long!


Exercise Wheels 


Exercise wheels are likely Hammie’s favorite accessory. It’s adorable watching little furballs running on these! Stick with solid ones, though: the wire wheels are dangerous, as they can cause paw and tail injuries. 


Real Estate Upgrade


You can find simple hamster house in any pet store or online, but there are also great DIY options here. You can make your furry buddy a cute fairy house. Cut a hamster-sized door into a large plastic gallon jug or plant pot, and then decorate it by gluing aquarium rocks to it. Or, make him a shoebox castle. You can also dress up Hammie’s cage with things like steps and ramps. Just stick with things you know are safe. Don’t use anything sharp, or anything that could easily be broken into pieces. Ask your vet for more information.




Like many other pocket pets, hamsters love exploring mazes and tunnels. You can buy these, but you can also make your own out of cardboard, paper mache, or even PVC pipe.



Pay attention to Hammie. Tiny pets need love, too! Talk to him, pet him, and play with him. Just take care not to scare him. For instance, smaller pets often get very scared when picked up unexpectedly or from behind. Be very gentle! Ask your vet for handling tips.


Do you have questions about hamster care? Contact us, your local Eau Claire, WI pet hospital, today! 

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