Happiness Day With Fluffy

March 20th is a pretty important day: it’s Happiness Day! It’s been a rough few years for a lot of folks, and it’s more important than ever to make time for self care. That includes focusing on the things that make us happy. Our feline pals have definitely clawed their way to the top of that list! An Eau Claire, WI veterinarian discusses spending Happiness Day with Fluffy in this article.


Purrfect Pets 


Did you know that our feline friends are good for us? Fluffy helps us fight stress, which is incredibly important for our mental and physical health and well-being. In fact, studies show that spending even 15 minutes a day petting and cuddling a kitty can be beneficial.


Heart Health 


Fluffy is also good for your heart. Cats can actually lower our risk of several dangerous heart diseases by up to 30 percent! 


Healing Vibes


We all know that cuddling a purring cat can be very soothing. As it turns out, Fluffy’s purr is quite special. Kitties vibrate at frequencies between 25 and 140 Hertz. Those same frequencies have been shown to help promote tissue healing. In fact, they are even used in physical therapy!


Better Sleep 


We’re continuously learning more about how important good sleep is for our overall health and well-being. Fluffy is happy to lend a helping paw in this area … and she definitely leads by example. Kitties can spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing! One particular study from the Mayo Clinic showed that 41 percent of the participants felt that they slept better because of their cats. (Then again, another 20 said their furballs actually disturbed their sleep.)


Reduce Stress


Another way our feline buddies help us out? They’re great for soothing anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Sometimes just having that one innocent soul to love and care for can make all the difference in the world.




Perhaps the most important gift kitties offer us is the gift of love. Fluffy’s affectionate purrs, cuddles, and head bonks are wonderful mood boosts, especially on bad days. Kitties also keep us laughing, which is great for our mental and emotional health. And if laughter really is the best medicine, these lovable little balls of fur may be worth their weight in gold! 


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