Bunnyproofing 101

Bunnies need plenty of time out of their cages to stay happy and healthy. It’s very important for them to have that exercise and stimulation! Of course, Floppy is an adorable, curious, little chewing machine, who will nibble on pretty much anything and everything. Needless to say, this puts your furry buddy at risk of choking, internal injuries, and poisoning. A local Eau Claire, WI vet offers some bunnyproofing advice in this article.

Small/Sharp Objects

Anything small or sharp is definitely unsafe. That includes things like buttons, beads, jewelry pieces, phones, keys, craft kit pieces … the list is almost endless.


Ropes and cords can choke or entangle playful pets. Floppy could electrocute herself or even start a fire by chewing on a live wire. Use protective coverings and/or taste deterrent on wires you can’t move out of paws’ reach.


Many common household items are toxic to pets. That list includes cleaning agents, automotive products, pesticides, detergents, and drain cleaners, to name a few. Store anything that could be toxic in high cupboards or shut closets, or get childproof latches. You’ll also need to be careful with plants. Many popular ones are toxic to rabbits! Ask your vet for more information.

Personal Objects

As far as Floppy is concerned, there’s no real difference between a chew toy and your purse or shoes. Keep closet doors closed, and store personal items like shoes, wallets—and yes, even phones—in secure spots.


Bunnies can fit into some pretty small areas. They also love to get under beds and couches, and nibble on the upholstery. Block off holes behind and beneath your furniture and cabinets.

Furniture Legs

Speaking of furniture, furniture legs are a prime bunny target. Use protective coverings on furniture legs and baseboards.


Carpet is another popular ‘snack’ for bunnies. You may want to put mats down, especially if your furry friend has a habit of nibbling on rugs. Rabbits usually have a harder time chewing carpet with low pile, which is something to keep in mind when it comes time for new carpets. 


As you can see, there is a lot of ground to cover. You may want to bunnyproof one or two rooms, and keep Floppy confined to those areas.

Do you have questions about bunny care? Call us! As your Eau Claire, WI animal clinic, we’re here to help!


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