Walking Your Dog

February 22nd is Walking The Dog Day! Of course, our canine companions really should be walked every day. Those strolls aren’t just about potty breaks for Fido: they also provide him with exercise, enrichment, and stimulation. A Eau Claire, WI vet offers some advice on walking your pup in this article. 

Road Safety

When walking along the side of a road, keep your furry buddy to the outside. Fido is shorter than you, and will be harder for drivers to spot. This can also keep him from veering into the road.


It’s important for Fido to have a sturdy collar or harness, something that will hold up if he lunges. Keep in mind that retractable leashes can be dangerous in certain situations. Your four-legged pal could be in serious trouble if the mechanism jams in a dangerous spot, such as near a cliff, riverbank, or busy road. There’s also a chance of him getting entangled with other dogs.


Pay attention to the terrain where you and your canine buddy are walking. Things like broken glass, sharp rocks, and litter can cut and quickly infect Fido’s furry feet. Hidden holes can also be a hazard: if you or your pooch step into one just right (or just wrong) you could snap a tendon or ligament, or even break a bone.


Fido should know basic commands, such as Sit, Stay, Heel, and Come. If your furry friend hasn’t mastered these yet, take time to work with him. You need to control him if he spots a squirrel and pulls the leash out of your hand.


Consider dedicating a waist pouch or jacket to walking your fuzzy buddy. Keep it stocked with things you may need, such as treats, spare keys, a phone charger, and waste baggies.


Speaking of waste baggies, always bring some with you. You can even get harnesses or pouches with spots just for storing these. Pick up after your canine friend!


Always stay alert to your surroundings. Keep an eye and an ear peeled for things like shouting, barking dogs, squealing brakes, or other things that may signify trouble. If you want to listen to music or podcasts, don’t turn the volume in your earbuds up so high that it drowns out background noise.

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