Winter Care For Senior Pets

Winter may not officially start for a few more weeks, but the temps are already dropping. While some of our furry friends love the snow and cold, others really struggle at this time of year. Older pets definitely need some extra TLC over the next few months. Read on as an Eau Claire, WI vet offers some advice on caring for Fluffy and Fido in winter.

Provide Comfy Beds

Make sure your furry pal has at least one good, comfy bed. We recommend orthopedic beds for older dogs and cats. (Lap space counts, too!)

Keep Up With Grooming

Good grooming is also very important. Fluffy and Fido’s fur helps insulate them from both heat and cold. Cats often get pretty stiff and sore as they age, which can make it very difficult for them to clean themselves. Keep up with your furry buddy’s beauty routines!

Climate Control

Older animals are more sensitive to extreme heat and cold than their younger counterparts. It’s also harder for them to adjust when going from warm to cool areas. Keep this in mind. If you’re taking Fido somewhere, have the car heated up before you bring him out. Dogs with thin fur will need jackets or sweaters. As for Fluffy, she should have plenty of cozy napping spots.

Consider Supplements

Arthritis is very common in older dogs and cats. Keep an eye out for warning signs, such as stiffness, reduced interest in play, reduced mobility, and difficulty climbing stairs or getting up and down. If you notice any of these things, reach out to your vet. While arthritis can’t be cured, it can be managed. Treatments may range from medication to nutritional changes and supplements. The sooner the issue is caught and treated, the better.

Offer Good Traction

Dogs and cats in their senior years can seriously hurt themselves if they slip and fall. Pet stairs can be beneficial for both Fluffy and Fido. If you have floors, setting out carpet runners can help prevent mishaps. While kitties should always stay inside, dogs’ feet will need extra attention. Keeping your canine pal’s claws clipped and his paw pads moisturized will help with traction, and will protect your pet’s paws from salt, sand, and de-icers. Speaking of de-icers, we recommend getting pet-safe ones.

Do you have questions about senior pet care? Contact us, your Eau Claire, WI animal clinic, today!

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