Protecting Your Dog’s Vision

Did you know that July is National Vision Month? This is technically geared towards humans, but it applies to our canine companions, too. Just like people, dogs can suffer vision loss due to genetics, illness, or injury. An Eau Claire, WI vet offers some tips on protecting Fido’s eyes below.

Crate The Pup For Travel

We know, it’s always cute seeing how happy Fido is when he gets to stick his head out the window and drink the wild air, so to speak. However, this can be dangerous. Your pooch could get dust, pollen, pebbles, cigarette butts, or even insects in his eyes. Play it safe, and keep your furry buddy crated.

Be Extra Careful With Brachys

Brachycephalic dogs—particularly short ones—are at extra risk, as those cute bulgy eyes are extremely vulnerable. Take extra precautions if your pooch falls into this category!

Watch Sharp Plants/Objects

Whether you are gardening or just moving things around, be mindful of what Fido’s eye level is. If you’re putting in plants with thorns or spikes, use barriers to keep your furry pal away from them.

Clean Fido’s Face

Does Fido have hair tufts around his eyes? These can cause irritation, and can also pick up chemicals, dust, and other irritants. Gently trim these back. Use round-end scissors, and be super careful not to poke your canine buddy’s eyes. Tearstains aren’t quite as harmful, but it still doesn’t exactly help having all that gunk near your pup’s eyes. Use a pet tearstain remover or water and a soft cloth or pad to gently wipe that cute face clean.

Ask About Supplements

Good nutrition can make a huge difference in Fido’s overall health. Your vet may be able to recommend certain supplements. Vitamins A and C are beneficial, as is beta-carotene. Fish oil can also help. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Watch For Warning Signs

Pay attention to your furry friend’s eyes. If you notice anything off, such as clouding, watering, redness, blinking, crusting, and/or light sensitivity, contact your vet. In some cases, Fido may have a treatable issue, such as conjunctivitis. If your canine friend has a congenital issue, or is developing something due to old age, such as cataracts, proper treatment and care may help prevent, reduce, or delay it.

As your Eau Claire, WI animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Please contact us anytime!

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