Tips For Taking Fido To Work

Take Your Dog To Work Day is June 24th! Given the option, Fido may want to go to work with you every day. Our canine companions love to stick close to their humans! However, there definitely are a lot of opportunities for pups to get into trouble at the office. Here, an Eau Claire, WI vet discusses dogs on the job.

Job Search

Not all positions are going to be a good fit for Fido. Needless to say, he probably wouldn’t be very welcome in a restaurant or grocery store. Many white-collar industries, such as banking, may also prefer to stick with two-legged employees.


Consider whether your pooch is a good candidate. If Fido is extremely loud, not well-house trained, or is just unruly, he’s best staying home. Pups with behavioral issues and/or aggressive tendencies also probably won’t make the short list.


First impressions are very important! If you’re talking to your boss about bringing your pet in, show a cute picture of Fido being his adorable self.


Fido does have a few things going for him as far as this goes. He can definitely put smiles on customers’ faces, and is a wonderful morale booster. As far as more tangible skills, Man’s Best Friend can Fetch, Shake Paw, and Look Adorable on command!

Company Culture

Even if your company is all on-board with taking your dog to work, it really is the polite thing to check with your coworkers, especially those you sit near. If anyone has allergies, is scared of dogs, or just has strong feelings about it, you may just want to take Fido to the park instead.


If there is one thing that could get Fido fired—aside from actually biting someone—it could be lunchtime petiquette. If your canine buddy begs, he probably isn’t a great fit for the office. Tom from accounting may not be happy to find himself defending his meatball sub from a furry intern!


Time your workday so that you can take your furry pal out for walks on your breaks. You may also want to arrange to make this a short day. When you get out, treat your adorable co-worker to something special, like a new toy or perhaps a treat from a drive-through.

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