5 Ways To Be A Bunny Advocate

April 30th is Animal Advocacy Day. Bunnies usually hop onto center stage in April, especially as Easter approaches. That makes this the perfect time to talk about rabbits, and how to help them out. A Eau Claire, WI vet offers some tips on being a bunny hero below.

Spread The Word

You’ll often find lots of rabbits up for adoption after Easter. This is due to an ongoing issue: the fact that many people purchase bunnies as Easter gifts for kids. While this can make for cute photos, it often doesn’t bode well for the bunny. Rabbits have some very unique care needs, and need lots of love and attention. They’re also little chewing machines. People sometimes impulsively adopt them without realizing this, and then get distressed when Floppy gnaws on their coffee table. As a result, many rabbits end up getting resold, rehomed, or released after Easter. This is very sad for them, as bunnies do get attached to their humans, and are very stressed out by changes. Spreading the word about this issue is a great way to advocate for these cute pets.

Help Animal Shelters

Many animal shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries rely on donations. Consider donating money, hay, chew toys, or bunny food to one that houses rabbits. Want to go a little further? Look into volunteering. If your household, budget, and schedule allow, you can even consider fostering. This can be a very rewarding experience, though it isn’t for everyone.

Go Cruelty-Free

While many companies have moved away from testing products on animals, this unfortunately isn’t a universal practice just yet. When shopping, opt for cruelty-free products. (Tip: look for the bunny emblem.) You can also find lists of cosmetics companies that are cruelty-free.

Plant Wisely

While feeding wild rabbits isn’t the best idea, you can help them out by planting non-toxic, native plants and shrubs for them. Do some research, and hit the garden center!


Bunnies need lots of care and attention. As with any other pet, adopting one is a lifetime commitment. That’s not something to take lightly! However, if you think a rabbit may be a good match for you, go for it. Floppy really is very cute and charming, and she can make a wonderful pet!

Contact us, your Eau Claire, WI animal clinic, for your bunny’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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