Setting Up A Guinea Pig Cage

Have you recently adopted a Guinea pig? You’ve definitely chosen a super cute pet. Guinea pigs—or cavies—as they’re also called—do need time to run and play, but they will spend the majority of their time in their cage. Making sure that your furry friend has a roomy, comfortable home is very important! An Eau Claire, WI vet offers some advice on this below.

Choosing The Cage

Your Guinea pig’s cage will likely be the most expensive thing you ever get them, and it is a one-time cost, so this is one area we recommend splurging a bit on. Make sure your cavy has plenty of room! Get the biggest cage you can. If you don’t want to give up floor space, get a multi-level one with safe ramps.


Your fuzzy friend will need good bedding. Some suitable options are dry hay, straw, and shredded paper. You can also use wood shavings. Just don’t use cedar or pine products, as the oils are toxic to pets. If you prefer to use a liner, choose something that is dust-free and won’t entangle your Guinea pig’s tiny paws, such as fleece.


Choose a cage with a solid floor. Mesh floors don’t contain substrate, and can actually cause injuries. Yikes!

Your tiny buddy will need some furniture. Many cavies enjoy cozies, which are tiny pet tents or beds. Solid exercise wheels are also a good bet. You may also want to add a litterbox and/or hay rack.


Choosing the right spot is also important. Don’t put your furry pal in a spot that is very busy or noisy, such as near a TV or speaker. If you have a dog or cat—or both—you may want to raise the cage off the floor. Your cavy won’t feel very safe with Fido and Fluffy peering in at him! Last but not least, avoid areas that are drafty, in direct sunlight, or near heaters, air ducts, fireplaces, or vents.


You’ll need to spot-clean your tiny friend’s cage every day. This entails removing waste and uneaten food. About once a week, you’ll need to clean the cage and replace the bedding. Then, every a month or so, you’ll want to do a major deep clean. Be sure to use safe products!

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