Resolutions For Active Dogs

Happy New Year! Many of us are more than happy to bid farewell to 2021, and say hello to 2022. Your pooch may also be pretty excited today, even if he doesn’t know or care what the calendar says. In fact, quite a few of our canine companions are racing into the new year at full doggy speed. An Eau Claire, WI vet lists some resolutions for people with active dogs in this article.


Playing is not only fun for your fuzzy pal, it also offers him an appropriate way to work off all of those doggy zoomies. Make a habit of playing with your pup every day. Have a hard time keeping up with your pet? Choose games like Fetch, which will tire Fido out while you stay still.


Dogs have a pretty strong sense of adventure. Take Fido on plenty of walks this year, even if he has a fenced yard. This will also offer him a change of scenery and provide him with beneficial mental stimulation. Plus, it’s a great way for you to bond with your canine buddy, and get that tail going.

Get Lots Of Toys

Hopefully, Fido got lots of playthings in his stocking. Toys are a must for active pets! Consider signing your pooch up for a doggy subscription box. Every month, your furry bff will get a box of goodies in the mail.

Make Puppy Playdates

It’s really good for Fido to have positive interactions with other dogs. If you have friends with pups of their own, consider meeting up at dog-friendly beaches, parks, or trails. This can be fun for all of you! You can also consider enrolling your canine friend in a doggy daycare.

Try New Activities Together

Is getting in shape one of your resolutions? Bring your furry pal along for your journey! Fido makes a great hiking buddy. He also likes running, swimming, and even dancing. Just check with your vet before starting your pet on a workout regimen. Not all exercises are suitable for every dog.

Consider Yard Pupgrades

Do you have a yard for Fido to run and play in? Incorporate some dog-friendly features. Doghouses and kiddie pools are great, but your four-legged pal may also like some ramps to jump and play on.

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