Tips For Keeping Fluffy Out Of The Tree

Season’s Greetings! Did you put a tree up this year? If so, you may have your hands full keeping your feline pal from toppling it. Kitties have been the bane of Christmas trees since, well, probably for as long as there have been Christmas trees. Read on as a local Eau Claire, WI vet offers a few tips that *might* put a damper on Fluffy’s mischievous plans.

Brace It

You’re definitely going to want to make sure the tree is well supported. A sturdy base is a must! You can also use fishing line to tie the top of the tree to the wall or ceiling.

Decorate Carefully

Hanging shiny objects within paws’ reach is more or less inviting your playful pet to wreak some kitty havoc. Put just a few unbreakable objects on the bottom of the tree. You’ll want to put the majority of your ornaments and decorations, including the lights, tinsel, and any fragile bulbs, on the top two thirds.

Distract The Furball

One thing that may work to your advantage is the fact that Fluffy has a pretty short attention span. Set out a few gift bags or boxes for her to explore. Add catnip and toys to make them more enticing.

Kitty Workout

Pick up a few new toys for your frisky feline, and take time to play with her. The point is to wear Fluffy out. Hopefully, she’ll be too tired after playtime to bother with the tree.

Location, Location, Location

That old real estate adage applies to holiday decorations, too! Pick a spot that makes getting into the tree challenging for Fluffy. Don’t put it beside a chair or desk: that’s just offering Fluffy a convenient kitty launchpad.

Tinfoil Plan Foil

Here’s something to try: put tinfoil down instead of a tree skirt. Many cats hate the feel and sound of aluminum foil, so this could be a good deterrent. (Disclaimer: results may vary.)

Go Artificial

Fake trees are much harder for cats to climb. Plus, they’re also much cheaper in the long run!


Asking or telling your feline buddy to leave the tree alone probably won’t work very well. Bribery is much more effective! Ply Fluffy with toys, gifts, and kitty furniture.

Season’s Greetings! We hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season. Contact us, your Eau Claire, WI animal clinic, anytime!

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