Holidays With Bunnies

The holidays are officially here! We always love seeing some super cute seasonal cards and photos of our patients. While you definitely want to get some great shots of your pet rabbit, you’ll need to pay close attention to her even when you aren’t taking a picture. This time of year offers a lot of chances for bunny mishaps! An Eau Claire, WI vet discusses holiday bunny care below.

Safe Space

Many pets get nervous when their humans have family and friends over. Provide Floppy with a quiet, secure spot to retreat to. If possible, give her a room of her own for the evening. If her cage is too big to move, just bunnyproof the room she’s ‘borrowing.’ Put something soothing on the TV or radio, and give her some of her favorite toys. She’ll also need supplies, such as a bed, grass hay, food, water, and, of course, a treat.


Food is one of the biggest hazards for pets at this time of year. Don’t let Floppy chew on any bones! These can break into sharp pieces. If you want to give her a special treat, offer her some safe fruit, such as apples or strawberries, and let her indulge her sweet tooth.

It’s important to know what isn’t safe for bunnies. That includes anything topped with heavy seasonings, butter, cheese, or oil; raw dough; chocolate; avocados; garlic; caffeine; and fatty foods. Ask your vet for more information.


Bunnies are chewing machines! Wires and cords are very dangerous for rabbits: your furry pal could electrocute herself, or even start a fire, by chewing on a live wire. Anything small or sharp is also a hazard. Tinsel, ornaments, and ornament hooks are also unsafe. You may want to bunnyproof a certain room or area, and keep Floppy there.


The tree is another concern. The needles are a choking hazard, and are also toxic to bunnies. You don’t want your rabbit chewing on branches, or drinking the water. Real trees may also have been coated or treated with chemicals, such as fire retardant. Be careful with boxes, as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, ribbons, tape, and boxes with staples or glue are all dangerous. (You also may not want your pet nibbling on whatever’s in the box.) That said, don’t forget to get Floppy something!

Hoppy Holidays! Call us, your Eau Claire, WI animal clinic!

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