Halloween With Fluffy

Halloween is just a few weeks off, now! The autumn holiday seems to get a little bigger every year. Kitties often get extra frisky in autumn. Not only do the cooler temperatures seem to give them a bit of an energy boost, they also get very interested in falling leaves and seasonal decorations. Never underestimate your furball’s capacity for mischief! A local Eau Claire, WI vet discusses spending fall with Fluffy in this article.


Our feline friends are hunters by nature, and they are more or less hardwired to want to pounce on, well, everything. This is adorable, but it can get your kitty into trouble. Keep anything that isn’t safe for Fluffy out of paws’ reach. That list includes anything small or sharp, items with dangling threads or ropes, plastic bags and wrappers, candies, and chemicals. You’ll also want to keep things like candles and potpourri burners in spots your furry pal can’t access.

Napping Spots

Cats are very tired. While we aren’t entirely convinced that Fluffy needs 14 to 16hours of sleep daily, we do know she’ll sleep through a good chunk of Halloween. Why not make her a fun, seasonal kitty tent or tipi? You can get Halloween material at any store that sells fabric. You’ll find lots of instructions online.

Outdoor Hazards

While we always recommend keeping kitties indoors, this goes double around the autumn holiday. Halloween may very well be the most dangerous of all the holidays for Fluffy. The increased traffic and shorter days are definitely a hazardous combination. Plus, many people are treating their lawns and gardens with pesticides or fertilizers; putting in fall crops, such as tulips; and/or filling vehicles with antifreeze. These things are all very toxic to our feline buddies! Black cats are especially at risk, because of old superstitions associating them with witchcraft. Keep your cat inside! If you do let her roam, bring her in before sundown. Also, make sure she has an emergency shelter.


This is a perfect time of year to snap some pictures of Fluffy. Set up a kitty photo shoot, and snap your feline pal’s picture with seasonal decorations, like fake leaves, books, and, of course, coffee cups. Or, take your furball’s picture as she is watching falling leaves out the window.

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