Tips For Adopting A Dog

October is Adopt A Dog Month! While there’s no wrong time to adopt a new canine buddy, this really is the perfect time to bring Fido into your life. Of course, adopting a dog is a huge decision, so you’ll want to think things over carefully before you move forward. An Eau Claire, WI vet offers some insight on adopting Fidol below.

Consider Other Pets

If you have other pets, they really should be your first concern when picking out a new dog. While many dogs love having buddies to play with, some pups really should be only pets. If you have another dog, we recommend doing a meet and greet first. This should happen on neutral ground, like a park. Ask your vet for advice.

Do A Meet And Greet

If you’re adopting a dog that’s being transported from another area, this may not be possible. In those cases, you’ll have to go with your gut and the information you have available. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing: some people just immediately know when they’ve found their pooch. That said, if you can meet Fido first, do so. This is a big commitment, so you want to be sure you’ve chosen the right pup!

Don’t Overlook The Underdog

Some dogs simply have a harder time getting adopted than others do. Black dogs, for instance, often take longer to get adopted than other dogs, in large part due to old superstitions. Senior dogs also get passed over, as do animals with medical issues, such as vision or hearing loss. Don’t just automatically walk (or scroll) past these unwanted pups. Some of them are so grateful to be adopted that they end up being the most loving and loyal pets of all!

Be Prepared

Before Gotcha Day arrives, you’ll want to have all of Fido’s doggy supplies ready and waiting. Your shopping list should include bedding, toys, treats, dishes, grooming supplies, a first-aid kit, leashes, a tie-line, and a good harness or collar. As far as food, your canine pal’s diet should be tailored to his age, weight, breed, and health. If you can find out what your furry friend has been eating, get that brand to start. Your vet can give you more information after they have examined their new patient.

Contact us at your Eau Claire, WI animal clinic, anytime. We’re here for you!

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