Myths About Rabbits

International Rabbit Day is September 25th! Floppy may not be as popular as Fluffy and Fido, but she’s still a very cute and lovable pet. Why not show your furry friend some extra TLC? An Eau Claire, WI vet lists some great ways to brighten up your pet’s day below.


Bugs Bunny, the beloved cartoon rabbit, contributed to one popular misconception about rabbits: that they mostly want carrots. Floppy may very well enjoy the occasional carrot, but she can’t live on them. Grass hay, such as Timothy hay, should actually make up the bulk of her menu. Ask your vet for specific advice.


We all know that cats meow and dogs bark, but rabbits aren’t really associated with any specific noise. However, Floppy does make sounds. She may honk, growl, or even screech on occasion. (Note: some bunny vocalizations can be a sign of pain, so contact your vet if your pet seems uncomfortable or distressed.)


We know, we know … that adorable furry face is the picture of innocence. However, Floppy is actually quite mischievous. She can also be stubborn, and even a little bossy at times!

Cuddle Bugs

Rabbits form very close bonds with their humans. However, that doesn’t mean that Floppy is physically affectionate. While there are some ‘lap rabbits’ out there, many bunnies get nervous being picked up or held. Let your pet decide when cuddle time stops and starts.

They’re Outdoor Pets

Just because you can get an outdoor rabbit hutch doesn’t mean you should. Floppy will be happier, healthier, and safer living inside with the rest of her family!

Veterinary Care

Rabbits need proper veterinary care to thrive, just like any other animal. Regular exams are very important! And while there isn’t an approved rabies vaccine for Floppy, she does need the myxomatosis, RHD-1, and RHD-2 vaccines. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.

Small Space

One common bunny-care mistake is putting Floppy into too small a cage. Your adorable pet needs room to stand, stretch out, hop around, and play, without touching the sides or top of her cage. She also needs lots of time outside her cage. Be sure to do some bunnyproofing before you let your furry buddy out to play!

Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Eau Claire, WI animal clinic, we are here to help!

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