Summer Care for Rabbits

Do you have a pet bunny? If so, you have a pretty adorable little friend! Floppy’s soft fur makes it almost impossible to resist hugging and petting her. However, it can make hot weather difficult for her. An Eau Claire, WI veterinarian offers some tips on keeping rabbits cool in this article.


One of the best things you can do to keep Floppy cool is brush her regularly. This will get that dead fur and dander out of her coat, so she won’t be as hot or itchy. This is a must for longhaired bunnies.


Proper hydration is key to keeping your furball from overheating. Make sure to refresh Floppy’s water daily.

Cooling Cage

If it gets really hot out, you may need to take a few extra steps to keep Floppy’s cage cool. You can put a frozen towel in her cage for her to snooze on. You can also use ice packs wrapped in towels. Just get ones that use real ice, rather than chemicals.


You might think that your furball would enjoy a cool bath, but that’s actually a huge don’t. Rabbits are not natural swimmers, and they get very scared when they’re submerged. In fact, this can even cause them to go into shock. Do not bathe Floppy! If she gets water on her fur, you’ll need to make sure it dries properly. Otherwise, your rabbit could be at risk of flystrike, which is both really painful and really gross.


Make sure that Floppy’s cage is in a cool, comfy spot. You can put a fan in the room, but don’t point it directly at her cage. You also want to make sure that your furball’s cage isn’t in direct sunlight or near a heat source.


While we generally recommend keeping bunnies inside, if you have a fenced yard, you may be able to let yours out for a little while. Safety first, though! Make sure Floppy has shade and water. Keep in mind that bunnies are prime targets for predators, and can also quickly get into mischief. Put up a pet run or tent, and supervise your furry pal’s excursions. Finally, don’t let your rabbit explore areas that have been treated with chemicals or pesticides. Ask your vet for more information.

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