Things to Do With Your Dog This Summer

Summer isn’t far off now. This is a really fun time of year to be a dog. Fido gets to run around and explore places, sniff new grass, and play games like Fetch. Dogs also make great camping and hiking buddies, and they love going to different spots. In this article, a local Eau Claire, WI vet lists some ‘pawesome’ dog-friendly activities you can put on your to-do list.


Fresh air, sun, and exercise are good for both you and Fido. While the warm weather holds, get into the habit of checking out new places with your canine buddy every weekend.

Enjoy A Barbeque

Who doesn’t enjoy a good grill out? Dogs love getting in on the fun with these events! Fido can enjoy some plain, cooked meat. Just don’t give your pooch anything with bones or fat.

Splash Around

Our canine pals are definitely not unanimous when it comes to swimming. Some love it, while others are scared of the water. However, many of them meet in the middle when it comes to playing in kiddie pools, or splashing around under a sprinkler. Have some fun with Fido! Safety first, though. Never leave your four-legged friend unattended near water, even for just a minute.

Strike A Pose

Summer is a great time for getting some cute shots of your furry best friend. Carve out a morning or evening for a doggy photo session. You’ll get that great golden light as the sun is rising or setting.

Beauty Session

Many dogs don’t get bathed very often in winter, just because it’s so cold. Take advantage of the heat to give your canine companion an outdoor bath. Or, just take him to the groomer. After Fido’s beauty session, take your fresh, clean pup through a drive through for a special treat, like a plain cheeseburger.

Have A Cold Snack

Ice cream is a popular summer snack for both people and pets. You can buy Fido some doggy ice cream in stores, but you can also make your own.

Finish School

Does Fido need to finish his petucation? Warm summer afternoons are a great time to work on training. Don’t forget to take some play breaks, though!

Is your pooch caught up on all of his vaccines, exams, and parasite control? If not, give us, your Eau Claire, WI pet hospital, a call!

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