Valentine’s Day Hazards for Pets

Valentine’s Day is coming right up! This sweet romantic holiday has a whole slew of associated trappings, such as flowers, candies, chocolates, and stuffed animals. However, this can be a pretty dangerous holiday for our furry friends. Read on as a local Eau Claire, WI vet lists some Valentine’s Day dangers for pet owners to be aware of.


Sweet treats are beautiful way to show your affection. Don’t let your pet have any of those candies, however. Chocolate is toxic to all of our animal companions. Plus, many candies contain things like xylitol, nuts, or raisins, which are also unsafe.


Cards admittedly aren’t the most dangerous thing in your house. Some aren’t dangerous at all. However, ones that make noise or light up contain small batteries, which definitely makes them unsafe to eat.


Bouquets are a classic Valentine’s Day trapping. Just make sure your furry pal can’t reach those pretty flowers. Many popular flowers, such as lilies, tulips, and bluebells, are toxic to pets. There are many others, like roses, that aren’t poisonous, but are still dangerous because of the thorns.


A crackling fire, or even a few candles, can make for a perfect romantic atmosphere. However, Fido can ruin that very quickly by knocking a candle over, or getting too close to the hearth. Keep candles in high, secure places, and use thick grates before fireplaces.


There will be lots of bottles of wine being opened on Valentine’s Day. Don’t let your pet imbibe! Even small amounts of alcohol can make your furry best friend very, very sick.

Stuffed Animals

Cats will usually either ignore stuffed animals, or fall asleep on them. Fido, however, loves to play with them. The problem here is that many of them have small parts, like button eyes, that just aren’t safe for dogs. These can pose serious choking threats if swallowed! The stuffing and squeakers are also unsafe. Keep stuffed animals out of paws’ reach. (It’s also best if you can keep your canine pal from even noticing them in the first place.)


February is also Spay/Neuter Month! If your four-legged friend hasn’t been fixed yet, it’s time to put a damper on any romantic inclinations they may have. Call your vet to schedule that appointment today!

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