6 Resolutions for People With Curious Cats

Happy New Year! If you’re making resolutions for yourself this year, your cat will be right there with you as you strive to make your new goals. Actually, Fluffy is a bit nosy, and may very well get underfoot as you are working towards your resolutions. Why not incorporate your pet into your goals? An Eau Claire, WI vet lists some cute goals for curious kitties in this article.


If there’s one thing we know for sure about our feline pals, it’s that they love to investigate, well, everything. This can be quite dangerous, especially for young, super-frisky furballs. Take some basic precautions to keep your kitty safe. Remove anything you don’t want her playing with, such as toxic plants, small or sharp items, and wires and cords.

Rearrange Things

Have you ever bought your cat an expensive piece of furniture, only for her to start ignoring it after a few days? Try putting it in a different spot. Cats sometimes forget about things once they start to see them as part of the background.

Make Your Home Fun

It’s actually quite easy to make your home fun for your furball. Just set out things like newspaper tunnels, paper bags, and cardboard boxes, and let Fluffy explore them. Replace and rearrange these things regularly to keep things fun and fresh for your kitty.

Window Seat

This one is very easy, but it’s bound to please your furry pal. Give Fluffy a comfy spot where she can sit and spy on birds and squirrels. Instant purr!


Set out some pet-safe plants for Fluffy yo sniff at and nibble on. The ASPCA has a list of suitable ones here.


Did you know that playing with Fluffy regularly is one of the best things you can do for her? Try to play with your furry buddy daily. Use toys that you control, like laser pointers, and rotate them out regularly.

Consider Walks

This one isn’t an across-the-board recommendation. If your kitty has never been outdoors, it’s probably best to keep it that way. However, if Fluffy used to be an outdoor cat, she may enjoy being able to go for a stroll. Ask your vet for more information on training and walking your pet.

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