Winter Care for Bunnies

Do you have a pet bunny? If so, you’ve got an adorable little buddy! You will need to show your furry pal some extra attention at this time of year, however. Floppy may have a fur coat on, but she can still get chilly! A local Eau Claire, WI vet offers advice on keeping your rabbit warm and healthy in winter.

Hutch Location

We strongly recommend keeping your bunny inside. If nothing else, move the hutch into the garage or shed. However, if the hutch is outdoors, make sure it is well-insulated, secure, and free of leaks and drafts. Whether the hutch is inside or outside, you’ll want to make sure it’s warm and clean. If it’s in a chilly area, add extra bedding. You can also put down cheap carpets to help insulate it a bit more. CHoosing the right location is also important. The hutch shouldn’t be in a drafty area, or too close to a fireplace, heater, or vent. 


Floppy will burn more calories than usual in winter just staying warm. She may need to eat a little more. However, rabbits are also very good beggars. Don’t let your furry pal cajole you into overfeeding her!


Brushing your bunny regularly will help remove dead fur and dander from her coat. Because these things affect the insulating properties of your cute pet’s fur, this will help keep her warmer.


In the wild, many rabbits stay warm by cuddling up with their pals. Consider getting Floppy a friend to curl up with. You get to enjoy twice the cuteness! 


Dehydration can be an issue in winter. Many rabbits don’t care to drink cold water. Change Floppy’s water frequently.


Floppy will enjoy having a warm bed to curl up in. Get your cute pet a plush bed. Your furry pal may also appreciate a pet tent and some soft blankets.


Keep Floppy’s cage and bedding clean and dry. A damp litterbox can cause all sorts of trouble! Remove waste daily.


Floppy will still need daily play time out of her cage. Be sure to bunnyproof! Keep seasonal hazards, like heater cords, toxic plants, tinsel, ribbon, string lights, pine needles, and holiday ornaments, out of paws’ reach.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your Eau Claire, WI veterinary clinic, we’re here to help!

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