Holidays With Puppies

Have you recently adopted a puppy? Congratulations on your bouncing ball of fur! You’re in for some very adorable and super cute moments over the next few weeks, as your new pet celebrates his first holiday season. Here are some tips from an Eau Claire, WI veterinarian on keeping little Fido safe and sound over the next few weeks.


Puppies are very curious, and they love to try to investigate things by chewing on them. This is very dangerous! Keep anything and everything little Fido may try to eat out of his reach. This includes things like tinsel, ornaments, decorations, ribbons, and anything small or sharp.


Toys and treats are great options for any dog. Little Fido may also appreciate a new bed, or perhaps a comfy collar. For a gift that keeps on giving, consider enrolling your furry friend in doggy daycare or behavioral training.


Many holiday plants, such as holly, ivy, mistletoe, and yew, are dangerous for our canine pals. Real trees can also be dangerous. The water bowl is one hazard: many trees are treated with things like pesticides and fertilizers. Cover the bowl, so your puppy doesn’t try to drink from it.


It’s always fun introducing a new pet to your friends and family. This is also a great way to socialize your canine companion. Have people pet and play with little Fido, and give him lots of treats. This will help your pooch grow into a friendly, well-adjusted adult dog. That said, you do want to keep an eye out for signs that your furry pal may be getting nervous. If your furry pal is licking his lips, hiding behind you, or tucking his tail, he’s uneasy. Put the little guy in a quiet, comfy spot with food, toys, and bedding, and let him relax.


Foods are one of the biggest concerns for young dogs. There’s nothing wrong with giving your dog a special treat. However, many of our favorites are toxic to our canine buddies. This list includes things like garlic, onions, scallions, and chives; grapes, currants and raisins; meat on the bone; avocado; pitted fruits, and chocolate. Anything small, such as hard candies, can also be a choking hazard. Ask your vet for more information.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at All Paws Animal Hospital, your local Eau Claire, WI animal clinic. Contact us anytime!

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