Fall Dog Care Tips

Autumn is officially here! Our canine pals love fall doggy activities, such as taking long walks, curling up in warm beds, and posing for seasonal photos. However, you will need to take a few precautions to keep Fido safe. A local Eau Claire, WI vet discusses autumn care for dogs in this article. 

Foot Care

Running around on snow, salt, sand, and ice can be hard on your furry buddy’s feet. Stock up on pet-safe ice melting products. We also recommend using paw balm or wax to protect your dog’s feet. If Fido has toe fur tufts, trim these back. Otherwise, they may collect ice balls.


If your four-legged buddy has a thin coat, he’ll likely need another layer to protect him from frigid temperatures. Check Fido’s outfits, and make sure that everything is clean, in good shape, and still fits him well. 


Some of our canine companions may need to eat a bit more than usual when it gets cold, as they will burn extra calories just staying warm. (We’re pretty sure Fido won’t mind the larger portions.) Dogs with bone/joint issues, such as arthritis, also tend to get stiff or sore in cold weather. Supplements may help with this. Ask your vet for specific nutritional advice, including supplements and serving sizes.


Be aware of the things that can endanger your beloved pet. Many late blooming plants and flowers, such as chrysanthemums, are toxic to dogs. Mushrooms are also unsafe. You’ll also need to be careful of wild animals. Many critters will be looking for spots to hibernate, and may be more aggressive than usual. Chemicals, such as pesticides, fertilizers, and antifreeze, are also concerns, as are heaters, candles, and open fireplaces. 


Give Fido a good bath before it gets cold out. If he’s due to visit his doctor, this is also a great time for that. Make sure your pooch is current on his vaccines and parasite control! 


Your furry pal will probably spend a pretty good chunk of winter curled up in his doggy bed. Make sure it’s clean and still in good condition. Fido may also appreciate a new bed, or an extra one. Dogs with thin coats often like heated beds or thermal blankets, while large pooches may enjoy orthopedic beds. 

Please contact us, your Eau Claire, WI vet clinic, anytime. We’re always happy to help!

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