Fall Care for Cats

Autumn is officially upon us! Fluffy may not make too many adjustments to her daily schedule as the weather cools, but she will fit in a few seasonal activities around those 32 daily naps and 14 meals. Here, an Eau Claire, WI veterinarian offers some ‘pawesome’ advice on keeping your feline companion happy, healthy, safe, and purring this fall. 

Keep Kitty In 

We always recommend that cats be kept indoors. In autumn, cold weather, wild animals, and increased trafficespecially around Halloweenpose additional risks to adventurous furballs. Piles of leaves can harbor snakes or mildew. Antifreeze is another concern, as it’s highly toxic to pets. Many people fill their cars at this time of year. Play it safe, and keep your furry friend inside.

Seasonal Dangers 

Our feline pals are both frisky and nosy. These traits are part of what makes cats so fun and cute, but they can form a dangerous combination! Many seasonal decorations, such as garlands, can be dangerous to Fluffy. You’ll also need to be careful with candles, flames, and heating devices. 

Unwanted Guests

As the weather cools, all sorts of critters will be seeking shelter. Fleas and ticks will try to head indoors, while mice and other vermin may nest in your house or garage. Use parasite control products to keep your furball safe. Be careful with pesticides and rodenticides, though: make sure your kitty won’t come into contact with them.


Did you know that many cats sleep more than usual when it’s dreary out? Fluffy will spend the majority of those cold, dreary days napping. Make sure your kitty has lots of warm, comfy napping spots to choose from. If possible, put some of your sleepy pet’s beds in spots with sunbeam access. 


Every holiday has its own hazards for our our-legged friends. Halloween, unfortunately, is one of the most dangerous ones for kitties. Black cats are especially at risk of being stolen or hurt, because of oldand incorrectmyths associating them with witchcraft. This is just one more reason to keep Fluffy indoors!


Rainy autumn days are great for curling up with a hot beverage, a soft blanket, and your favorite books or TV shows. Kitties make great cuddle buddies! Take time to just relax with Fluffy.

As your Eau Claire, WI vet clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great veterinary care. Please feel free to contact us anytime! 

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