If Pets Had Thumbs Day

There’s a pretty fun pet holiday around the corner. March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! Scientists often credit opposable thumbs for humanity’s development. What do you think would happen if your furry pal suddenly woke up with thumbs? A local Eau Claire, WI vet offers a few ‘pawsible’ suggestions in this article.

Snack Attack

Although dogs and cats don’t agree on everything, we suspect that they would both be very interested in finding out what sort of treats you had in your fridge and cupboards. Fido would probably eat as much as he could before falling into a food coma. Fluffy would be a bit pickier, but she may also rip the labels off your canned goods, just to be a jerk. Your feline pal may also knock all of your plates and glasses onto the floor, just because, well, that’s something a cat with thumbs would do.


Both dogs and cats have a taste for adventure. Your canine pal may very well ‘borrow’ your car, and head for his favorite park or pet store. Fluffy may not stray as far, but she’d probably waste no time in locking Fido out of the house.

Online Shopping

If your furry friend figured out one-click shopping, you’d probably be in for a few headaches. You may very well come home to find your doorstep covered in packages! Fido would probably order meat and cheese baskets, beds, toys, kiddie pools, and tennis balls. As for Fluffy, we suspect that she would go for kitty furniture, live fish, and something completely unexpected, like a chess set or a unicorn float.

Video Games

Your four-legged buddy may also want to try their paw at gaming. Fido would probably go for games like tennis or football, while Fluffy may prefer classics, like Duck Hunt.

Back Scratchers

Pets often look to their humans to get help with pesky itches. Fido and Fluffy would waste no time in finding a good back scratcher!


We suspect that both dogs and cats would be interested in trying their paws at fishing. Of course, Fido would probably want to check out local fishing holes, while Fluffy would probably just wreak havoc at the nearest pet store.

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