Adopting A Senior Pet

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Older dogs and cats often have a very hard time getting adopted. This is very sad, because they make wonderful pets. Here, a Mondovi, WI vet discusses adopting older pets.

Adoptable Senior Pets

It’s always heartbreaking to see older dogs and cats in shelters. These sweet pets are often desperate for someone to adopt them and give them a loving home. Unfortunately, they’re often passed over for puppies and kittens. This is very unfortunate, because senior pets are super cute and lovable, and are full of cuddles, purrs, and tail wags. If you’re ready to adopt, please consider picking a dog or cat in their golden years.

Benefits Of Choosing An Older Pet

There are some wonderful advantages to getting a senior pet. First and foremost, they’re much calmer than young animals. That means they don’t need as much activity or entertainment, and are much less prone to mischief. Older pets also tend to have a super affectionate, loving demeanor that makes them a pleasure to interact with. Plus, they’re usually already trained. Last but not least, the commitment isn’t as long, simply because these guys don’t have as much time left.

Getting Ready

Before you bring your new animal companion home, have everything they’ll need ready and waiting. Keep your pet’s age in mind when you go shopping. If you’re getting a kitty, choose a litterbox with low sides, which will be easier for Fluffy to get in and out of. An older cat will also appreciate some pet furniture that is easy to climb onto. As for Fido, we recommend getting elevated dishes. Pet ramps or stairs and orthopedic beds are great options for both dogs and cats.

Settling In

It may take your four-legged buddy a little while to settle in. They may also sleep quite a bit at first. This is normal. Senior pets are pretty drowsy to begin with, but they also sometimes need extra R&R to recover from the stress of being in a shelter. You’ll want to schedule a veterinary appointment ASAP, but aside from that, just let your new pet relax and settle in. You may find that it is very fulfilling to give an older dog or cat a great retirement!

Please contact us, your Mondovi, WI vet clinic, for your senior pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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