Keeping Your Cat Indoors

Do you let your cat go outside? Fluffy may really enjoy outdoor activities, like ignoring you when you call  her, leaving pawprints on your car, and bringing you ‘presents.’ However, your pet will be both safer and healthier staying inside, where she isn’t exposed to dangers from cars, weather, chemicals, predators, and other hazards. Telling your furball that she’s grounded may not be that simple, however. Here, an Eau Claire, WI vet offers tips on keeping kitties inside.

Make The Indoor Life Fun

Fluffy will enjoy living indoors much more if you make it fun and comfortable for her. Bring a bit of the outside in by setting out lots of pet-safe plants for your kitty to sniff at and nibble on. Check the ASPCA site here for a list of suggestions. You’ll also want to provide lots of toys, as well as comfy beds and some cat furniture. Kitties are very curious, so your cute pet will also enjoy having cardboard boxes and newspaper tunnels to investigate. A window seat with a good view (preferably one that includes birds) is also a must.

Curtail Escape Attempts

If you just tell Fluffy she has to stay in, she’ll probably ignore you and start licking her paw. To get the point across, you may need to resort to trickery. Whenever you see your furball sniffing around the door, do something that will startle and/or annoy her. Squirt her with water, bang two pots together, or sound a bike horn. Your kitty will probably bolt for her favorite hiding spot.

Take Time To Play

One reason cats like going outdoors is because it’s fun for them. Fluffy gets to enjoy stimulation and fresh air. She can also indulge her inner huntress. Playing with your feline pal can be very helpful here. Use toys that you can control, such as a laser pointer or wand toy, to make playtime more fun and more challenging for your kitty.

Keep It Pawsitive

If your cat has been allowed outdoors before, she may try to sneak out. Sooner or later, Fluffy may very well slip out as you’re opening the door. Don’t punish your feline friend for her escape attempt, however: that will just make her more determined to get out!

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