• We are OPEN with Curbside Service
  • Summer fun has begun!
  • Is your pet itchy? Don't delay. Call today!
  • Beat the heat! Keep your pets cool & hydrated!
  • On warm summer days, walk your pup when it's cooler outside & the pavement isn't hot.
  • Raise your paw if you've had your yearly heartworm treatment!
  • $19 First Time Client Exams

  • What if visiting your local Mondovi or Eau Claire vet was something you and your pet actually enjoyed?

    At All Paws Animal Hospital, that’s our mission and it’s something we work hard at every day. It’s why we offer amenities, like beverages in the waiting area, toys and treats for your pet and an atmosphere that’s welcoming to the whole family.

    We are a full service, Mondovi and Eau Claire area vet clinic offering a full array of modern veterinary services. More importantly, we deliver that care with genuine compassion, individualized service and a gentle, reassuring manner you have to experience to understand. From Mondovi or Eau Claire? Join us!


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